The difference between Sunlight chrysanthemum and pile of chrysanthemum

Morphological characteristics:

1. Sunlight chrysanthemum. The height of the plant body of the sun is generally between 60 cm and 150 cm. The green leaves grow symmetrically and are ovate. The flowers of the daylight chrysanthemum are clustered and very beautiful. Its flower diameter is generally 5 cm-7 cm, and the color is bright yellow, and the flowering time is generally in June-September.

2. Packing heart chrysanthemum. The height of the pile of chrysanthemum is slightly lower than that of the sun, and the leaves are more dense and have a wide -sloped needle shape. The flowers of the pile of heart chrysanthemum are generally opened at the top, the petals are relatively large, and the color is lemon yellow. The flowering time is generally from July-October.

Growth habit:

1. Sunlight chrysanthemum. Sunlight chrysanthemum was originally produced in North America. It can carry the severe cold and like the environment of sufficient sunlight and dryness. No matter what kind of soil, it can grow very well and have a strong survivability.

2. Packing heart chrysanthemum. Although the pile of heart chrysanthemum is not too much environmental, in comparison, it is more suitable for growing in an environment from 15 ° C to 28 ° C. It can grow better in alkaline soil.

Breeding and cultivation:

1. Sunlight chrysanthemum. Sunlight chrysanthemum requirements for the soil are relatively low, and it is relatively easy to plant. The planting period is generally selected in spring and summer. The method of segmentation or sowing and breeding. The period of the daylight is watered in a timely manner.

2. Packing heart chrysanthemum. The sowing of piles of heart chrysanthemum is generally selected from August to September, and transplantation is performed in mid -March the following year. The distance between the plant seedlings is 15X20 cm. Before planting, you must rectify the land, and apply base fertilizer such as bean cakes or chicken manure, and pay attention to pour water once a week. After the flowers are falling, it is necessary to trim in time to speed up the formation of new flower buds.

Main value:

1. Sunlight chrysanthemum. Sunlight chrysanthemums are generally used as green materials, which can be planted beside the fence, the edge of the lawn, and parks.

2. Packing heart chrysanthemum. The ornamental of the pile of heart chrysanthemum is stronger than that of the daylight chrysanthemum. It is generally used to arrange flower mirrors or for ground quilts. The effect is very good.