The difference between wheat blue vegetables and full stars

1. Growth habit:

1. The habit of wheat blue vegetable growth:

If you like warm weather, you can resist the dry soil and the cold season, but you are particularly afraid of waterlogging. It belongs to the relatively good plant. If you cultivate artificial cultivation, you can grow in the fields of loose, fertile, and good drainage. Like those potholes, places where it is easy to accumulates is not suitable for planting him, it can also be planted with wheat.

2. Habit of a stars:

It is a plant that grows on the Mediterranean belt. It is more difficult to feed a little compared to Mai Blue Caipan, because it is particularly resistant to cold weather, but it cannot resist drought soil. It likes the sun, does not like dark places, likes humid places, and does not like drought places. The higher the temperature, the more rain is the favorite growth environment of the star. Its most ideal temperature is 15 ° Between C and 25 ° C, if less than 10 ° C, the starry star will enter the sleep state. If you at 30 ° C upward, it will grow slowly. There is a place where light irradiation is.

2. Medicinal value:

1. Pharmaceutical value of wheat blue vegetables:

Speaking of wheat blue vegetables, maybe many people think he is just a vegetable that can be fried. He can be used as a dish, but he is a very important Chinese medicine material. Women have irregular menstruation. You can take it. It is very helpful for treating many human diseases, especially for friends produced by pregnant women. If you encounter production difficulty when producing, you can eat it at this time. The expectant mothers cannot eat, which can cause miscarriage.

2. Value for full star pharmaceuticals:

He is not only famous as a flower decoration, but also has a certain medicinal value. His roots and stems can be used as a drug, which can control the high fever of the human body, which is conducive to the urination of the human body, and phlegm and cough. Although the taste is a bit bitter, it has a lot of benefits. With other Chinese medicine components, it can treat more diseases.