The method of breeding of the red inner jade

Moisture needs

The demand for water in red in the red is really small, because the plant itself is very small, and the water can be poured once a month during daily watering, but it must be poured once. If the temperature of summer is above 30 ° C, the number of watering can be gradually reduced. Until the temperature slowly drops in autumn, the frequency of watering is returned.

Fertilizer needs

After one month of planting, fertilization can be performed, but the concentration of the fertilizer should be pale, and some fertilizers can be applied to the plant surface. At other time, you can fertilize every three months.

Sunshine needs

Let it be exposed to the sun in winter. In spring and autumn, you can avoid the sunlight at noon, and you can cultivate in a good place in summer. If there is no sunlight for a long time, it will lose its gloss.

Temperature demand

In winter, it should be cultivated above 10 degrees, and it will be frostbite at 6 degrees.

Conservation of peeling period

There is a strange phenomenon that it will peel off. The peeling time is from February to June. If you want to see it for a long time, then stop watering cruelly during this period, otherwise it will always get rid of autumn.

Replacement of potting soil

Every 3 to 4 years to change the soil, it does not like frequently changing the soil, so friends and friends should not always move its soil during daily maintenance.