Tiger thistle

Tiger thistle

Stubborn and firm, gentle and loyal, brave and unresolved. That blossom flower, although it is opaque, but small flowers have great energy.

Significance of tiger thistle

Tiger thistle is also known as unicorn, the name sounds good, and the color is also very rich, and the special modeling when flowering is also very concerned. The long thorn stalk is extremely devil’s wrist, and the injured wound will flow out of white milk.

Kirin, although the true creature does not have the world, however, people have always regarded it as auspicious and wishful symbol.

Tiger thistle is full of hidden, and it is unable to inviolery, showing the majesty of Kirin. The red flowerbed is always like that peace, it gives a stable, warm feeling. Two or two pairs of bracts, often considered to be a plant that knows self-protection.

Tiger thistle characteristics

Tiger thistle is probably the most beautiful flower, iron gray branches, hard grunge ax, scoring, hard acupuncture cloth is full, and the bones are tall and unable to violate. People often have the tiger thistle with a plumber, repair, and slowly, the president is full of pots, full of green. Both butterfly, small safflower, every two petals as a small flower, reappearing a small cluster, summer green winter red seems to be abandoned.

The whole style, the strange, nature, simple, elegant, pure, is arrogant, the deody, the denseness, beautiful and moving! Like a philosophical poem that makes people taste!

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