Top Ten Cultivation Methods and Precautions

Plants’ habits and characteristics

This plant is mainly distributed in warm and temperate areas. It belongs to negative plants, and there is not much demand for sunlight. In addition, except for softness and excellent permeability, its requirements are not very strict.

specific method

Soil: Although the requirements are not very high, this factor still has a certain impact on it. Then, in order to promote the strong growth of plants, in addition to the above requirements mentioned above, it is best to have a slightly lower pH soil.

Timely transplanting: For varieties that need to be planted, its management is not strict. In the late spring, you can bring soil for transplantation. At this time, you need to apply enough bottom fertilizer. When planting, the soil should be compacted and water is poured. The first year or two may grow slowly, and the speed of the third year has accelerated.

Mid -cultivation and weeding: It takes about three to five times a year. This is to make the soil more loose, and it can also increase its permeability, which is more conducive to plants. The depth control can be judged according to the distance of the distance. If it is far away, it can be deeper appropriately, otherwise it needs to be shallow.

Water and fertilizer: Plants can be irrigated. In addition, for fertilization, liquid fertilizer is applied every twenty days during the growth season. Before the winter comes, we have to apply rotten cake fertilizer or animal feces to make plants more robust.


After irrigation or rain every time, remember to loosen it.

In addition, when we apply fertilizer, the concentration should not be too high. You can add two to three times a year.