What should I pay attention to in spring flowers

Pay attention to avoid poisoning

Although some flowers are beautiful and blooming brightly, they are toxic, such as rhododendrons, peels, mimosa, etc., all contain some toxic substances. If you accidentally eat it, it will be poisoned. Like geranium, it can cause allergies, and turtle -back bamboo and lilies are also toxic. For flowers like Tulip, the floral fragrance contains some toxic chemicals. When it comes to a long time, it will make people feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, when viewing flowers, pay attention to watching, don’t eat it, and try not to smell the fragrance.

Pay attention to the bee in the flower viewing

When the flowers bloom, we can see that there are butterflies bees around the flowers. Don’t look at these small bugs are inconspicuous. The bite is also very powerful. It is relatively strong and severe death.

So pay attention when enjoying flowers, do not be bitten away from beeworms. If you find a bee, squat down immediately and wait for the beeworm to leave. I accidentally pulled out the thorns immediately, cleaned the wound with water, and went to the hospital for medical treatment.

Pay attention to the location of the flower appreciation

If there are a history of allergies in itself, pay attention to choosing the right place for flowers. You should try to avoid as much as possible, and take some anti -allergic drugs.

Symptoms should seek medical treatment in time.

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