What are the varieties of bergamot

Guangdong Big Fruit Fruit Fruit

The tree shape is tall and the trunk is gray -brown. The branches are green, with sharp small thorns, and the long branches are easy to droop after the fruit. There are many branches, and the tip of the tender shoots is purple -red. The leaves and fruits are large, the output is high, and the fruit is consistent. When mature, it is light yellow and has a special aroma. It is a high -quality cultivation variety. The cold tolerance is slightly insufficient. When it is lower than 0 ° C, the tender shoots are atrophic; avoid heat, when it is above 30 ° C, the branches and leaves are short of water, and the continuous high temperature will cause the fruit.

Nanjing breed Buddha hand fruit

The tree shape is tall, the stem is light gray green, the leaves are small, the green is green, and the tender shoots are green. The flowers are white, and there are more male flowers from April-May, and there are more gender flowers in late June. The fruit is slightly smaller than the Guangdong big fruit species. The fruit is severe when the young fruit is severely fruits. Generally, it is not easy to drop the fruit when it grows to 2 cm long. The fruit is mature and golden yellow. There are two types of boxing fruit and opening fruit, with different sizes. Cold resistance is better and is the main variety of open fields. The phenomenon of age is not significant, and the output is high.

Big brewc

The tree shape is tall, but compared to the somewhat of Nanjing species, the branches are green gray -brown and small branches. Because the long branches are easy to droop, the open field planting needs to be carried out. The leaves are large, dark green, and the tender shoots are dark purple. The flowers are large, purple -red, slightly larger than the Nanjing species, and the fruit is slightly larger. Generally, it is a fist -like collection. The phenomenon of age is significant, the cold resistance is poor, the output is average, and it is less used for production.

Small species bergamot (potted bergamot)

The plants are short, the stems are mostly gray, white, small, small, mostly fist -shaped. Early mature period and strong aroma. Poor cold resistance and low yield, mostly used as potted plants.