Will Green ingots will flow?

Will Green ingots will flow?

Although many faders have not seen their own ingots, but in fact, Green ingot will bloom. However, it is like a white snake theme song song, almost the “Millennium and I will wait”.

Green ingot is mainly governing plants, flowering is very effective, and there is no regularity. Some lucky friends have been raised for several years, and even Green ingots have killed the dead yet.

Green ingot

Green ingots during the fall in the late autumn. It is the cold season, but the green ingot has grown out of flowers, there is a proud of alone.

Green ingot is particularly long, waiting until adulthood will flow. However, this long wait, I don’t have anything that should not happen, so the flowers and friends want to see the blossom of Green ingots, be sure to have enough patience, like a white lady waiting for Xu Xian.

Green Yuanbao flower form

Green Yuanbao flower color is two kinds of white and orange red. The dwarf green ingot is generally the kind of maintenance of the home, and the blossoms are white, faint, like a squeezed plum.

Without dwarf, with its natural growth, green ingots, in the courtyard or flower bed, the color of the flowers is relatively gorgeous, presenting orange red.

Green ingot’s flowers, like a shrinking version of the glory, is a trumpet. When you just bloom, the floral sword is the long beard of the dragon, very chic.

How to keep the green ingot to bloom

Winter avoids heating, avoiding air conditioning in summer. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid water in the basin. Pay attention to the cleaning of foliar and child leaves in daily maintenance, and prevent pests and pegs.

Fertilizes a thin fertilizer fertilizer every month. At high temperatures, it should be properly shade and keep the temperature light.

Only by patient and careful maintenance can be a full of green ingots!

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