What is the meaning of Gesanghua

1. Pursue happiness and auspicious

In this place in Tibet, Gesanghua has a very special meaning in people’s hearts. Generally, it is a metaphor for clean love. It is a very holy flower. Everyone also knows that Tibet is a place that believes in Buddhism. The Buddhist culture over there is deeply connected with Gesanghua. There are legends that in Tibet, if the lotus is a flower representing Buddhism, then Gesang flower is a belief that is used to convey Buddhism. It has a deep meaning in this place in Tibet. Generally, it is a great spiritual existence. When the switching between spring and summer, many flowers have been blooming, and then the girls are together. They can laugh at the plateau at will. It is a particularly happy and happy season. This will bring them a lot of pursuit of happiness. The power of power is better pursuing auspiciousness, so we often use to wish others to get happiness and bring countless good luck. Auspiciousness will be a very good choice.

2. Stubborn representative

Because Gesang flowers are not the same as other flowers, it is generally living on the snow area or the large plateau. Although it is a wild flower, it is very beautiful, but it is not so delicate. , Don’t be afraid of the damage of strong wind and rain and frost. It can grow here all year round, and let the environment be harsh, so it is particularly tenacious, that is, this spirit makes people deeply remember its existence and fully show the people of the Tibetan people. The spirit of indomitable and particularly strong struggle. In addition, Gesang flowers are not proud. Although it is a wild flower, although it is small, it has unusual resistance and has its own special feature. It is a particularly good choice to use it to bless others, which fully reflects the stubborn and unyielding spirit of the blessed person. So it is a good flower language.