What kinds are there in Soyura Fairy

Hongkou narcissus

Produced from France, Greece to the Mediterranean coast. Smooth stems are small, leaf wide lines, pink green. Flower stems and leaves and leaves are slightly tall. The flowers are pure white, and the auxiliary flower crown is light cup -shaped, with red edges, which looks more delicate and aromatic. The flowering period is April. Due to the short dormancy period, it is suitable for planting as soon as possible.


The bulbs of cloves are relatively small, with fresh leaves, narrow linear, and concave on the surface. The stems are as long as the leaves. The top flowers are about 2-6 flowers. Both the flowers and the auxiliary crown are bright yellow, and the edge of the auxiliary flower crown is wave-shaped. The flowering period is between late March and mid -April.

Horn daffodil

It is also called Huangshou, an ovarian bulb in the ground, generally 4-6 leaves, flat linear, smooth surface, gray-green, white powder. Flowers are single, the flowers are 20-30 cm long, and the flowers are large, which is pale yellow. The shape of the auxiliary crown is a horn or bell, and the petals are almost equivalent. The flowering period is in winter and spring.

‘Dutch Captain’

The flower quilt and the auxiliary crown are yellow, but the colors of the auxiliary crown are slightly darker and wrinkled.

‘Angel Tears’

Often a flower ravioli has 2 flowers, 5-6 cm in diameter, the flowers are white, and they are curled backwards. The auxiliary crown is generally 6 pieces.

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