When will the fire festival bloom

Fire sacrifice

Fire sacrifice is a succulent plant, and the fire sacrifice is blooming. The flowering period blooms in the two seasons of summer or autumn every year.

The flowers of the fire sacrifice grow in the inflorescence of umbrellas, the flowers bloom into white, pure and pleasant;

The flower of the fire sacrifice is relatively special. Its flowers are inlaid in the middle of the film. The stars are arranged and growing. It is like a star. It is very beautiful and very ornamental.

Fire sacrifice blooming maintenance

The fire sacrifice itself is a good plant. As long as the normal growth environment is guaranteed, it will grow healthy, but if you want to bloom in the fire sacrifice, you can use more minds!

Step 1: Fertilization

The fire sacrifice requires a lot of nutrients to help flowering when blooming, but when the nutrients are insufficient, the fire sacrifice will also use the nutritional mandatory flowering that consumes the nutrients itself, which will affect the growth of the plant. Fertilize according to quantity.

Step 2: Watering

The fire sacrifice itself is resistant to drought, but he is afraid of waterlogging, so you should pay attention to the method of watering.

During the flowering period, the fire festival also needs enough water, so you can pay attention to watering the water before flowering, but do not accumulate water in the pot to avoid damage to the root and affect flowering.

Step 3: Light

Fire festivals prefer the sun with sufficient sunlight, so it is usually necessary to give full light.

Especially during the flowering period, it is necessary to have enough light to place it in places with a lot of sunlight on the balcony, but to avoid direct light.

You can put it in a place with light in the morning in the morning. At noon, the light is strong, so you can move to a cool place first.