When will Wen Xinlan bloom

Wenxin orchid

Wenxinlan’s flowering period is generally blooming in mid -10 years. Its flowering period is relatively short, the flowers bloom are beautiful, and there are many varieties of flowers.

However, because of the variety of types and different growth areas, the flowering period is different and there is no fixed flowering period.

Wen Xinlan is an important raw material in the world.

The characteristics of Wenxin orchid

The first is that there are only one flower stem on a fake jero, but those who grow thick fake jero may also have 2 flower stems;

Wen Xinlan’s flowers are colorful and beautiful, shaped like flying Kingdee, and they seem to be dancing girls.

Most types of Wenxinlan’s flower stems have only 2 flowers, and some will reach more than a dozen flowers;

Wen Xinlan’s flowers are mainly yellow, and there are common colors such as green, white, red, and ocean red.

The size of Wenxin orchids is also different, some flowers are small, and some flowers are large and different in shape;

The structure of the flower is very special:

The sepals of the calyx are equal, and the petals are the same size as the back;

The flowers have triangular lips, with different sizes. They are piano -shaped, shape and beautiful. There is a spine -shaped raised at the base on the medium cracks. The small spots on the spine look really strange.

The symbolic significance of Wenxin orchid

Wen Xinlan’s flower language and symbolic representative significance: auspicious, happy, worry -free, forgetfulness;

It is said that it comes from a legend, that is, when Song Qingling imitated the White House, he saw this flower at a glance. The shape of the flower was like a “good” son in China, so it was later used to symbolize auspiciousness.