When will Zilucao bloom?

Purple Grass Blossom

Purple Cao’s Flower

The flowering period of purple dew is mainly concentrated in summer and autumn, but in different regions due to different flowers in the climate and environment.

The flowering period of Zilucao in North China is May-October. The East China region is from mid-to-late April to October, among which from May-June is the flowering period, July-October is the renewal period, and flower buds in North China in late March in East China appeared in mid-April.

Purple grass has a short time, usually at noon. The petals were unfolded in the morning, closed before noon, and rainy sky flowers bloom.

The flowering of purple dew grass

Purple grass flowers are small and have a strong decorative effect. When blooming, the flowers have dark blue corollas, yellow flower stamens, about 3-4 cm wide. Three nearly round petals form a triangle with a graceful flowers. The fruit is 5-7 cm long, and the seeds will be condensed. The seeds are round, about 3 mm in length.

Purple Cao’s flowering control method


When trimming, plants can be branched. Properly trimming the purple dew can make them new branches, which look full of branches and leaves, and flowers flourish. From mid -May to early June, trimming purple grass can be changed to a certain extent to a certain extent.

temperature control

To do a good job of temperature control, it can also change the flowering period of purple dew. In winter, the temperature is low, and plants that can be covered with purple grass can be used to make it safe to overwinter. Doing this can also advance the flowering period to the beginning of March.

In addition, in order to ensure a lot of flowers and leaves, sufficient base fertilizer should be made before planting to ensure sufficient nutrients. Purple grass can also be cut in cuttings in autumn, and it can bloom more in the coming year, which is very beautiful.