Xifu Begonia Flower

When will Xifu Begonia bloom

Xifu Begonia flowers have 4 to 7 clusters of clusters of umbrella -shaped inflorescence. They grow on the top of the branches. The petals are round or oblong. The base of the petals has short claws and pink. Between the moon. At this time, the flowers are lush and elegant.

Xifu Haitang’s flower language

Xifu Begonia is like a girl with a sturdy girl. His flowers are red powder, and the leaves are also green and bright. Sweet and warm.

If you are alone, then Xifu Begonia is your confidant. It knows your mind, maybe you can also give her acacia as a gift, which will make her understand your mind!

Xifu Begonia’s Flowing Breeding Management

Watering and fertilization

Xifu Begonia prefers a moist and fertile soil, and has a lighting environment.

Pay attention to whether the pot soil is moist when watering. If you are moist, do not water it. When you see dry, do not accumulate water. You should often spray water on the leaves to maintain a moist state, which is conducive to the hyperplasia of flower buds.

During the growth of Xifu Haitang, dilute cookies should be applied every 10 days. By the time of the flowering period, stop fertilizing.

Light and temperature

The environment where Xifu Begonia grows must have sufficient light, but it must also be properly shaded and ventilated to promote the photosynthetic effect of the leaves. Failure to the growth of branches.

The growth temperature should be warm and balanced. It is advisable to maintain more than 10 degrees in winter. Pay attention to avoidance.


Xifu Begonia needs to change, soil change, and branches in spring every spring, and cut off some weak branches, overlapping branches, and residual roots, which is conducive to the growth of other healthy branches buds.

For about 3 years, it must be short -cut to ensure the germination and growth of the new branches.