6 small methods to improve soil fertility in autumn

Tea slag

Many friends may not know that tea residue can be used as a natural flower raising soil loose agent. In the future, the remaining tea residue and overnight tea should not be wasted. Falling good flower farming materials.

The method is also very simple. Pour tea slag into the soil, and then bury the tea residue with the soil. After the tea slag is slowly fermented, you can use it to plant flowers. It can also make the soil more loose, and the drainage capacity is more significant. Is there a lot of benefits?

Remember, do not plant flowers before the tea residue does not ferment. A large amount of heat will produce during fermentation, which may cause damage to the root system buried under the soil.

Soil coverage

Frequent flowers will inevitably give birth to some weeds. At this time, we must not be soft -hearted. It must be removed, because these weeds will compete with our flowers for raising materials and consume a lot of nutrients. Covering a layer of things on the soil can solve this problem well, and can efficiently suppress the emergence of weeds.

However, it should be noted that no matter what coverage is used, it is necessary to keep the soil cleaning and do a good job of daily cleaning to prevent bacteria from breeding and unnecessary insect pests.

Egg shell

Eggs are very common in our daily consumption. Many people choose to throw away the eggshells directly after eating. It is not known that eggshells also have a good effect on improving the soil. It is a good way to improve the soil quality with eggshells!

First, rinse the eggshell with water, and then place it in a ventilated place for drying. After the eggshell is dry, use a tool to crush the eggshell, bury or stir into the soil. Be careful to wash it and then use it. In the eggshells that are not cleaned, there will be substances such as egg white. If it is not treated, bacteria will be breeded, which may affect the roots of the plants, and it will also attract flyworms.


Speaking of lime, most people first think of the application of architecture. In fact, lime also has a certain effect on the soil. We all know that lime is alkaline substance. Therefore, for some flowers that do not like acidic soils that do not like acid soil, At this time, lime played a very important role. It can be adjusted to neutralize the degree of acid and alkali of the soil with the alkaline attributes of lime, thereby promoting the better growth of the plant.

In addition, banana peels will be provided to some very beneficial trace elements of the soil, such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and other elements. It is really easy to use!

Natural organic fertilizer

What do you say about advertising words? Natural is the best. Now many things are advocated natural and natural, and the same is true of flowers. With some natural and organic substances, it can play a role of natural fertilizer. You can try it.

Banana peel

After eating bananas, the destination of banana peel is the trash can, but I do n’t know, the banana peel also has a lot of wonderful use! The flowers raised with banana peel are growing up. The method of application is also very simple. Just cut the banana skin into small pieces, and then bury the skin into the soil, which will be converted into some beneficial substances for beneficial microorganisms to promote such good microorganisms of microorganisms. Breeding.

how about it? Do you think that the benefit has benefited a lot. Turning the waste of life into a treasure is not only conducive to environmental hygiene, but also helps our flowers grow better. It really gets two birds with one stone. Hurry up at home to improve the soil?

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