Breeding method of big leaves


Great leasedia is strict on the soil, and the pH of the soil must be between 5-6. However, the soil in the north is alkalized or neutral. In such soil, iron salt is difficult to solute in water, which cannot be absorbed by plants, resulting in iron deficiency in plant. The iron deficiency will block the synthesis of leaf green, hinder photosynthesis, causing plant death. Therefore, suitable soil is important. 10-15 days in the growth period, poured a black water, and also guarantee the requirements of gardenia to iron.


Great leaf scorpion likes the moist environment, usually keeps the pot soil moist, but also increases air humidity. Northern spring dry, long scraping northwest wind, summer light, water evaporation, winter cold dry. So spring, summer season should be sprayed into leaves and increase air humidity to surrounding ground sprinkles. There is less water in winter, often joining the branches, ensuring that the leaves are clean.


Great leaves are happy, but they are afraid of glare. If strong light is irradiated, the leaves are yellow, whitening and falling off. Especially in the summer should be placed in a shaded balcony or have a scattered light, so that morning and evening can be moved to the sun, accept light, so as not to change yellow.


Different sessions and small potted varieties are different, and the cold resistance is different, and winter should be moved to indoors. Usually moved to the room in mid-October, placed on a balcony in the Yangtze River ventilation, and maintains room temperature at 10 ~ 12 ° C. Move to outdoor in late April.

Flowering is not difficult. If you do four points, the big leaf gardenia can not only be safe in the north, but also the green flowers, the aroma is overflowing.

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