Big and Jin Yang Method and Precautions

Watering method

Perhaps because the big and brocade is better, watering is also more casual, can withstand sustainable drought, but there is sufficient moisture during growth, will grow more robust. When the soil is close to dry or semi-dry, you can poured a water, avoid not allowing the soil to keep moist for a long time. Soil should choose a soil, suede, and particle soil 1: 1 in breathable drainage.

Illumination requirements

In addition to the premiere of the summer, all the sun, sufficient light, can make the leaves of Dahe Jin more red, more points, when the gap between the leaves and the leaves is the sigh of light.

Timely ventilate

All the meat like a well-ventilated environment, which can avoid bacteria breeding, if the temperature is suitable, it is best to make big and panorad of outdoor telecules, and there is no condition can be placed on the window.

Summer and winter

Each meat involves the problem of Summer and winter.

When the summer temperature is 30 degrees, it should be properly shade, strengthen ventilation, and water supply. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent rain and water flow into the leaves, causing the leaves to rot.

Winter temperature is below 5 ° C, should be controlled water, if low, then move into the indoor winter, try to choose the sun.


Warm-resistant, but preferably at 5-10 degrees of temperature, winter cultivation should be used with fertile and drainous drainous sandy soil, the growth period requires a certain air humidity, watering water, water, can resist 5 ° C.

The growth season of Spring and Autumn, the soil is drifted. Summer avoid direct sunlight, you need to make proper shade, reduce watering. Winter is maintained in the indoor to the enset.

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