Breeding methods and precautions for heartye vine

The requirements for lighting of heartye vine breeding

The requirements of the hearty vine itself are not high, but the light is inseparable. In the best case, it can receive the light of four to six hours a day. When the sunlight is not sufficient in winter, it can be exposed to the outside for a long time. In order to get more sunlight, but the winter weather is relatively cold and night is likely to cause plants to be frostbite. Therefore, more attention should be paid. Poisonous, therefore, it should be appropriately shade.

The requirements for humidity of heart leaf vine breeding

The requirements for the growth of the heart leaves vine change with the changes in the seasons. In winter, you can add less water in winter. Pour more water, but try to avoid watering it at noon. At noon, the weather is hot, and the pores of the plant are in an open state. At this time restricted.

The requirements for temperature on the growth of heartye vine

The optimal temperature for the growth of heart leaves is between five and fifteen degrees Celsius. According to the habit of the heartye vine, the heartye vine can be reasonably protected. In summer Highly causing the death of the heart, the plant should be kept warm in winter, so as not to be frostbite or even frozen to death.

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