Breeding methods and precautions for welcome hibiscus

1. The choice of flower pots

When we raise it, it is generally best to use the more exquisite bowls of bowls to remove hydroponics, such as a small color tank, which looks very good. Even if you use a bowl, you can’t be too small. Generally, the diameter of the bowl mouth is about 25 cm, and the depth is more than 20 cm, because if the utensils are too small, it will limit its growth. At that time, it will be restricted. At that time It will not be easy to bloom, so this order must be paid attention to.

2. Soil and fertilizer

Generally, after the seeds grow small seedlings, we generally need to be hydroponic for 5 to 7 days under the condition of 25 degrees. During hydroponics, the absorption of its small seedlings is very weak, so it grows mainly by providing nutrients only by breeding embryos. Generally, it does not need to be fertilized. When hydroponic, the water layer is generally kept at about 10 cm, and it must also give it sufficient sunshine. Can’t change the water often or turn it over, otherwise the direction of the leaves will easily grow. The petiole should be kept in the water, and the leaf is free to display on the water. When the first leaf is opened, the second piece must be opened immediately. When it is a white root, you can plant it. Its soil is relatively small and the nutrients are not enough, so we must often fertilize, but we must be thinner.

3. Plant management

Generally, when its small buds grow 10 cm, it can be transplanted at it. When planting, put the soil into a bowl according to its needs, put some water, and stir the soil and fertilizer evenly, otherwise it will affect its growth. It likes the sun more, so it is usually placed in a better place in the sun, but it cannot be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will dry out. Watering should not be too much, so that it can increase its water temperature and make it grow better.