The difference between happiness trees and rich trees


Happiness tree can grow up to 10 meters, the flowering period is from May to September, and the fruiting period is from 10 to December;

The maximum wealth tree can grow up to 15 meters, the flowering period is July to August, and the fruit period is from August to October.

Place of origin

The origin of the Happiness Tree is the south, Taiwan, Yunnan, etc.;

Rich trees are native to China and are planted in the south and north.

Environmental adaptation ability distinguished

The wealthy trees are very adaptable to environmental ability, reproduction ability, and regeneration ability.

Happiness trees are wet, do not like to dry, can resist high temperature, but they are afraid of cold.


The leaves of the rich tree are larger, and the edges of the leaves are smoother. Its bark is gray and the appearance is very rough;

The leaves of a happy tree are relatively smaller, and the edges of the leaves show irregular jaggedness. Its bark is gray -brown and there is no rough appearance of rich trees.

The wealthy tree belongs to large and medium -sized ornamental plants, and is placed in open places in home decoration. The happy tree belongs to small and medium -sized potted plants. It is mostly placed on the balcony, desktop, cabinet, etc. in home decoration. However, both plants are leafy and vibrant, and they are suitable for decorating the home environment. Among them, wealthy trees can purify the air and cast positive energy.

The wealthy trees and the happy trees are common decorative plants in daily homes. They are planted indoors to make the home vibrant. Although they are different in appearance and habits, their morals are very good. Friends who want to improve the home environment, it is better to try a pot.

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