Can Brazil’s wood be hydroponic?

Nutrient solution

If the hydroponic of Brazilian wood is to be carried out, nutrient solution is very important. It is recommended to prepare an acidic nutrients containing nitrate nitrogen. It is better to use the diluted nutrient solution to pour the nutrient solution immediately after the planting of Brazilian wood. You can see the seeping nutrient solution at the bottom of the pot, and this state is poured. In addition, it is recommended that you can spray some potassium dihydrogen aquatic solutions on the leaves of the seedlings to help the growth of seedlings. In addition, it is also important to replenish nutrients and water in a timely manner to prevent excessive salt content in the matrix. When a cream appears on the surface of the pottery, it is recommended to clean the salt in the cultivation matrix.


The seedlings that are just planted are placed in a darkest place for slow seedlings. After that, when the seedlings grow normally, they can move to a place with sufficient light. In addition, Brazilian wood likes the sun. Except for summer, it can maintain sufficient light in other seasons. In summer, it is necessary to prepare for shading to prevent the Brazilian wood from being directly exposed to sunlight. In winter, we must pay more attention to the sufficient light. In addition, Brazilian wood likes warmth. In winter, it should ensure that room temperature is more than 10 degrees Celsius, so that Brazilian wood can grow better and safe through winter.


When Brazilian wood is too dry in the indoor air, the phenomenon of rolls of the leaves will appear. When this phenomenon appears, you can choose to spray water around or put a water basin to increase air humidity. In addition, when the plant is too high, the trunk part of the top should be trimmed in time, so as to germinate new branches, it is also more suitable for the appearance of Brazilian wood, which is convenient for people to appreciate and watch.

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