Can Clivia be wet?

Clivia can be wet

Clivia is a kind of plant that is afraid of hotness, so he likes a cool and humid environment, so Clivia can be wet, and the wetness of Clivia also has certain skills and methods!

How to wet the Clivia

Clivia’s wet nourishment needs to be made about 3-5 cm tall white iron plates, and then placed on the side of the balcony;

Or you can also use enamel and pottery utensils such as porcelain plates, bowls, and lay thick sand on it. It is about 1 cm, and then you can put the potted plant of Clivia.

Each week, you need to injection into the basin in the plate and keep the pot soil.

The benefits of Wet Restaurant in Clivia

Clivia is very beneficial than soil planting:

More conducive to pelvic soil loose and breathable

Wet raising a gentleman orchid, avoiding the trouble of soil plates caused by the watering of the basin surface. In the case of a long period of humidity in the gentleman orchid system, you think that it will cause rotten roots. Cause rotten.

Improving the hot living environment on the balcony

Clivia is originally produced in South African mountain forests. It is a plant that likes warm and moisture.

If it is placed on the balcony, it will affect its growth due to dry air. With the method of wet nourishing, you can create a certain air humidity for Clivia. It can cool down in summer and heat up in winter. It has a good temperature and wet environment. It is really conducive to the growth and development of Clivia.

Change the condition of the potting soil and the waterlogging situation

When breeding a Clivia, it will appear to have the amount of watering during the occurrence of flooding during the occurrence of a Clivia.

The use of wet nourishment ensures that the average balance of the Clivia is greatly growing.