Can the light rod get rich?

Can the fortune tree of the light rod still germinate again?

Basically, when breeding the fortune tree, the leaves caused by improper maintenance were yellow or even lost light. At this time, the fortune tree became a bare pole. Can such a fortune tree live?

In fact, as long as the trunk of the fortune tree is still green, and there is a relatively intact root system, it can still survive and sprout again. Plant the fortune tree in the sand soil, spray water appropriately and fertilize, and then place it in a shaded place. There is a high chance of getting rich trees to germinate. However, the process of this germination is not fast. Some flower friends summarize about germination after a month.

How to raise a wealth of the light poles can germinate more

When the fortune trees of the bare bars germinate, flower friends often find that there are not many new buds, which may be only one or two. So, is there a way to make the fortune tree sprout more?

At this time, you can consider germination of the fortune tree. The budding is suitable for the situation where there are bud points but the buds are relatively small. If the fortune tree itself grows more buds, there is no need to bud.

When the bud of the fortune tree grows to a certain height, it can be screamed. Be careful not to wait until the buds of the fortune tree grow too high, which will cause the bud to hurt.

When germination, use a sharp knife to perform. Be careful not to leave too long when germing, and the buds that grow too long will be thinner. Do not stuck the base of the bud for buds, which will die.

After the bud, the fortune tree can grow more new buds.

The germination process of the bullies of the light rod