The lotus pond in front of the door, the flowers in the courtyard, the young couple returned to the countryside, and lived in a fairy -like rural life in 6 years!

How many people are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city,

How many people yearn for the countryside of the countryside,

But how many people can truly abandon the convenience, comfort, and fame and fortune of the city, return to the countryside to go to the countryside to have rough tea and light rice, and to fight with the world?

Today, Huahua will introduce a couple who put the idyllic dream into practice.

Female host, Aju, likes to raise flowers, likes text, likes to travel, raised and willful!

Master, captain, simple and honest, love singing, hurting his wife.

They contracted 70 acres of ponds on the banks of Honghu, fishering and causing lotus, breeding flowers and raising dogs,

In 6 years, it has built its own paradise -Rouge Waterfront!

10 miles in front of the door, the flowers in the courtyard are blooming,

It is made at sunrise, and the sunset is at sunset.

Lie on the bed listening to the sound of birds and frogs, leaning in front of the window to watch the starry sky and fireflies,

Simple and clean days, no one else is disturbed, only each other.

In the early morning, the captain supported the boat to fish and fish, and Azu put on a bucket to take care of the garden,

Watering, fertilizing, weeding … Although sweating, the corner of the mouth seems to see a smile of flowers,

After busy work, Aju will pick a good book, sit in the garden’s rocking chair, read, and wait for the captain to return.

When she rises, she will sit in front of the window to paint a few paintings. Although she has never been trained in professional training, her paintings make people look fresh!

When the lotus blooms in summer, the captain will support the paddle and take Aju to pick the lotus seeds.

The captain likes to sing, especially when he is supporting the boat, no one is more suitable for playing, although it is intoxicated.

But the only listener, Aju, couldn’t stand his running magic sound. Sometimes a piece of melon skin is thrown away, and the ears are clean.

With a smile, I have gained a full basket without knowing it. I go home to eat or cook porridge.

Usually Ari and Captain will also plant some small dishes, self -sufficient, self -sufficient,

Loofah, bean horns, cucumbers, tomatoes … all grow well!

Ari likes to raise flowers, the captain is trying to support it, not only helping her pave the way, take the fence, even the broken cylinder at home, and even the wooden boat, let her raise flowers.

Ari lived up to trust, relying on the innate beauty, planting the flowers unique!

Fading wooden buckets are planted with Changchun flowers, full of small fresh flavors!

The leopard rain bears full of water, planted copper coins, and instantly changed from a lady to a girl.

My mother -in -law brought the jar of pickled pickles, and was used by Aju to plant ivy, adding a simple atmosphere!

The abandoned slippers and kettles are used to raise flowers.

When the garden is full of flowers, Aju will take advantage of the early morning to pick a few flowers home,

Put it in the bottle, put it on the table, and take the home with the captain, and enjoy the beauty of the beauty, simple and bland.

This people’s envious fairy life,

Although it looks light and cozy,

But to achieve difficulties.

This will go back 10 years ago,

At that time, Ari and Captain were still in the city,

In order to gain a foothold in the city, there is a house of his own house.

Unexpectedly, the business failed, and they chose to return to the Honghu Fish Pond in their hometown and lived a rural life.

The couple built a hut by the remote lotus pond,

Point coal and oil lamp illuminating, wash your face with fish pond water,

At 3 in the morning, avoid mosquitoes to sleep at 9 pm.

This kind of peaceful and primitive day was broken by a stormy night,

The heavy rain caused the water level of the lotus pond to rise, the wind scrapeed the roof, the rain was sprinkled into the hut,

So trembling overnight.

The next day the rain was retreated, and Aju was mixed, and vowed to build a house that belonged to it here.

So they reorganized and returned to the city to work again.

But the purpose of this time is not to gain a foothold in the city, but to try to save money to return to the side of the lotus pond to build a home!

In 2007, they returned to the lotus ponds where they dreamed,

Controlled this fish pond and began to practice his idyllic dream.

If the traffic is inconvenient, they use wooden boats to transport cement, wood, steel bars, etc.

One brick, one tile, and the two people carry their hands,

One day, 200 bags of river sand, 400 times on the ship and boarding.

Alba’s shoulders all grind the skin,

She felt that during that time, you did all the heavy work in this life.

Although exhausted and tired, I want to cry, but look at this scene,

Thinking of the pastoral appearance, she still gritted her teeth!

As soon as the house was found, Aju couldn’t wait to plant various flowers and plants. The beautiful Hollyho, the hope full of hope, is her favorite!

Finally, after hardship, the Rouge Waterfront of Aju Dream has begun to take shape.

The house was built according to the water, and the terrace extends to the lake.

There are study and kitchen, which can appreciate lotus ponds.

If there is no money in the internal decoration, please ask the designer, and Ari will do it by himself!

The study room retains the original brick wall style, put a pavement, put a wooden board, put a few pillows, and then a pot of hanging orchids, perfect.

Then use the remaining PVC tube and wood in the building,

Make a desk and bookshelf, save money and use it well!

Finally, please come in, and hang the calligraphy and painting,

Put wealth bamboo, copper coins, ivy …

The charm of the study came out immediately!

In the afternoon, hold a favorite book and taste a light tea,

The lotus leaf pavilion outside the window, the fragrance of the book in the window, happy and comfortable!

The area of ​​the kitchen is large, but the white is too monotonous. Azu and friends draw a few simple paintings on the wall.

If you order a small wooden frame, you do n’t spend a penny, and the background wall will be completed! The dining table is used as the removing old door panel, paved an old sheet, and put on a few pots of flowers.

When your friend is here, you can be happy together!

As for the living room, Ari uses the blue printing cloth sent by friends,

Make a pair of curtains and tablecloths, spread on a small table,

Full of quaint literature.

Eat a few small buns with the fragrance of lotus leaves in the morning,

With a bowl of clear porridge,

Life is so simple, pretty good!

The house is packed, and the next step is to plant flowers outside the house!

This is Aju’s favorite and best job!

Rose, Jasmine, Lingxiao, Iris, Shibu, Yu Meiren …!

There are more than 100 kinds of flowers and plants in the yard, more than four seasons, and even every month or even every day!

In January, Ari received a wooden flower stand sent by his friends, put on a few evergreen vines, and hang down, quiet and beautiful!

In February, everything was not germinated, and the flower leeks quietly lifted the buds. Camellia was ashamed to be open. The peach tree spit out a small tongue.

In the moonlight, Bingcuo appreciated flowers, and Aju was intoxicated by himself in this garden.

In March, the iris is gorgeous, red, blue, and purple, and the competition is open. In the morning, there are only a few flowers and bones.

Taking a sting, the flowers have been rushed into a piece!

In April, the wind and blue orchids accounted for all, and the green clusters rushed out of the red face.

May is the Yu Meiren who does not love enough love,

This beauty not only has a variety of styles, but also is particularly good. After a year, it is spontaneous every year.

In June, of course, it is the season of lotus and water lilies. The Aju family does not need special species. It is all in front of the door. A warm wind blows, it is a faint fragrance.

In July, Ling Xiao broke out, climbing the wall, and the flowers densely poured down like a girl’s long hair. When the sky was hot, the lying chair was put under the rattan frame, and it was another day.

In August, the canarfish grass was in full swing, and the blue and yellow pieces were so high that it seemed like a noble little princess!

In September, the sun flowers are still fearless blooming. Although they are ordinary, they also live yourself!

In October, the jasmine period was long. Until October, there were still flowers. Pick it down and make the pot hot tea, beautiful and beautiful!

In November, it was Chaoyan. When the flowers bloomed in the early morning, Aju would spread out yoga mats to exercise in this small horn!

In December, all the flowers were basically withered, leaving only plum blossoms, yellow fragrance, red and bright, even if the snow was overwhelming, even if no one appreciated it, it had to be loud!

The sun and the moon are changing, spring is coming in the cold and summer,

Ari and Captain gradually adapted to this slow -paced life,

Facing the land every day, the back facing the blue sky,

Witness a flower blooming is harvest,

A bowl of porridge after hard work is happiness,

Return to simple, recover the true.

This should be the dream of many of us!

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