Chamomile characteristics and flower language

Chamomile characteristics

Little oceania 2 years or more of her herbs, high 5-20 cm. Stems or oblique, grayish cotton. Leaf handle, the base is expanded; the blade rectangular or oval, length 3-4cm, width of 1-1.5cm, deep pulse deep crack, splitter 2-5 pairs, each splice and 2-5 shallow or deep crack, superfine Small splite ovate or wide strip, push or earlier, all blades are grayish cotton hair to several hairless.

The oceani head is in the infarction of 4-16cm; the total diameter is 7-12mm, being sparse hair or several hair; total sessate 3-4 layers, grassy, ​​outer total bracts Needle, edge having a few membranes, the innermost total seg, is shorter than the outer layer, the strumble circle, the edge wide film; the flower support is obvious, the tapered sphere; the yellow, all tubular shapes, With 5 dental cracks. Lean fruit is 1.8-2.2mm, hairless, 5 from the rib, the first terminal with a film quality crown, the small crown, the small crown 5 shallow cracked. Flower, fruit from 4 to September.

Chamomile flower

Chamomile, one listening to the name, knowing the origin is foreign, good, its origin is in Germany, it is actually a type of chamomile. However, whether it is a floral shape or habits, it has its own characteristics compared to chamomile: about 30 cm high, center yellow, lace white, blade with furry characteristics.

Legend has it that China and the chamomile are used to dedicate the sun god, and it can treat fever, so the ancient Egypt is alleged that it belongs to the moon, because it has a cool effect, gentle anti-worry, can pick up the uneasiness and irritability Therefore, it has an indomitable spirit in it, that is, the strength in the suffering.

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