Changchun Flower variety

Bai Changchunhua

Bai Changchun flowers, of course, blooming is also white. It is a plant with a genus of the chyanae family. It is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi and other regions in mainland China.

Plants of Bai Changchun flowers: The whole plant will have a little hair covering; its stems are square, with stripes on it and gray green;

Its leaf membrane has an inverted ovate -long round shape; the top is round and has a short pointed.

Flower: It is axillary or top of the sibling inflorescence, with 2-3 flowers, the whole flower is white, and the flowering period is almost the whole year.

Huang Changchunhua

Huang Changchun flower, produced in the Yellow Basin in Hainan Province, grows in an empty and barren place, so no one has cultivated potted plants at present.

Huang Changchun flowers: Except for flowers and Bai Changchun flowers, stems, branches, and plants are the same as Bai Changchun flowers.

The color of the yellow Changchun flower is yellow.


The balcony purple is the most common type of Changchun flower. Its flowers bloom are light purple and have white eyes. It is a flower breeding indoors. It is very ornamental and is loved by the public, especially in balcony breeding.

Little Boxing Series

The unique variety of Changchun flowers is very small and delicate. Among them, Linda flowers are red, white, white, bright, and bright. Its flowers are white and have dark rose red eyes.

This series of Changchun flowers, but many people admire, Xiaobian has raised a lot, it is really beautiful and exquisite.

There are many common varieties in Changchunhua

Xingxi: The plant is very high, the flowers are pink, and there are red eyes.

Blue Pearl, the flowers are blue and white eyes.

Peppermint, flower is white and red eyes.

Icy pink, the flowers are pink.

Raspberry, dark red, white eyes.