What should I pay attention to when I bloom in my rose

Variety selection

The vines blooming in the season is actually very strong. It can generally bloom in three seasons. Of course, there will be a single -season flowering. First of all, in order to make the flower blooming of Fujin’s rose can meet the needs of the viewer, you need to choose the right variety when you buy it. If you want to watch a single season, you need to buy a single season. Essence However, most of the three seasons of vines on the market.

Reasons for flowering without continuity

In the spring, it is the main period of the vine -based rose. At this time, the vines are more concentrated when the rose blooms. Because this is the head flower, the flowering amount will be relatively large, so it has consumed a lot of nutrients. Therefore, after this batch of flowers blooms, the next flower of Fujimoto’s rose will not be able to bloom for a while, and it seems that the vine -based rose flowers cannot be continued, thinking that it is not diligent or not flowering.

If you want to make Fujin’s rose continuously flowering, you can pick buds when you start to show buds in the early April or middle of each year. When you pick the buds, you can remove one branch everywhere from top to bottom, which is the head. Then call it a nitrogen fertilizer and pour water to promote the branches of the flower buds that have been taken away early to germinate and form a flower bud again. In this way, at this time, this phenomenon will appear on the plants of Tengben, part of them will bloom, and the other is still growing.

After the first batch of flowers in Teng’s rose, the residual flowers were cut off immediately, and nitrogen fertilizer was applied again. At the same time, the previously -top flower branches can be opened, and the new flower branches are growing. This has formed a surprise of Fujimoto’s rose has always been in full bloom, and it seems that the flowers are constantly blooming.