Colorful pepper balcony breeding method

Method of colorful pepper balcony planting

Prepare materials

Prepare a suitable flower pot. The bottom of the flower pot needs to have drainage holes, which can discharge excess water in time, which is conducive to the breathing of the plant root system. There should be no fertile matrix soil. Potted plants can generally be mixed with rot leaf soil, composting soil and fine sand soil.


You can buy colorful pepper seeds on the market. Of course, you can also peel away the existing colorful pepper fruit, remove the seeds out, and sow after sun exposure.


Sprinkle the prepared seeds directly in the soil, and the germination rate is relatively high.

Daily maintenance of colorful peppers

Colorful peppers are better to raise, just follow their growth habits. Five -color pepper likes the environment of sufficient sunlight, warm and humid growth, is not resistant to cold and drought to resistance. The most suitable growth temperature is between 15-32 ° C.


Give a certain amount of light at Xiangyang, and you need to do shading in midsummer to avoid exposure.


Pay attention to keeping the pot soil moist, but do not accumulate water, so as not to do it without drying. It should be noted that watering should be controlled during the flowering period. Do not water too much too much, otherwise it will easily lead to falling flowers and reduce the result rate. When the fruit matures, the soil needs to be kept humid, otherwise the fruit will be yellow.


During the growth of colorful peppers, they need to be topped every half month. In order to make it more robust, you can apply more urea during the beginning of the colorful pepper and spray some fertilizers appropriately.

Pest Control

It is often prone to leaf spots, and the onset can be sprayed with 500 times liquid of 50%todtin wettable powder.

Insect pests have dangers such as aphids and thrips. They are sprayed with 50%solution of 1500 times liquid with 50%pine emulsion oil.