Culture method and precautions


Bank selection

Campanula is growing in an acidic soil, and the potted soil can choose 4 of the silricar soil, 4 rot leaves, 2 garden soil, and add some soybean powder as a base fertilizer and flower growth.

Sowing time

The maylodstick is relatively low for climate, and it has been hot, and it is resistant to the cold. The south is sowing in 4 to September, and the northern region can be appropriate late. According to planting experience, in April, it is better because the seedlings are large, more beneficial to winter. The soil of about 1 cm on the rear cover, the control temperature is between 15 and 20 ° C, and can seize in 15 to 20 days.

Control water fertilizer

Water fertilizer is particularly important to plant growth, and water fertilizer is not controlled, it is easy to lead to long, reducing ornamental value. When the seedlings are around 10 cm, it should be appropriately controlled. The spring and autumn season is generally 3 ~ 4 days, and the water is poured at around 5 o’clock in the evening in the summer, and the water is not water.

The key point of the platycodrus will be blooming before and after flowering, fertilizing 1 to 2 times in calcium phosphate before flowering, ensuring the color of the color. It is properly shade after flowering to extend the flowering period. After speaking, the stalks were cut off and applied a soy tanbon liquid fertilizer to promote the root growth.


Campanulaces are herbaceous plants, they are similar, and many small grass will be surrounded, and they should be removed in time to avoid grabbing with the platycodon. When the small seedlings grow to 4 leaves, we must go to the weak seedlings in time, timely loose soil, and ensure that the nutrients in the soil are sufficient.

Farming precautions

Replace the potted soil in a timely manner

The oatstick is 1 to 2 days before the commissioning of the ball, should not water, which is beneficial to the basin soil from the basin wall. When the plants are removed from the basins, the part of the soil of the root shake off 20% to 50% of the old soil, cut the body, rotten roots, add a small amount of aloe fragrance to the new pot low, will shovel the land At the center of the pot, finally filled the flower pot with the fresh land.

Control temperature

Before and after flowering, it should be properly shade to extend the flowering period. After Huay, cut off the ground in the winter, reducing the consumption of nutrients, placed in a sunshine position, a slight warming flower. Try not to let the roots of the platycodite frostbite. Laocheng will continue to germinate new branches next year.

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