Do not bloom?Soil fertilizer is important!

Only recognize watering regardless of fertilization

Many novice flower friends do the watering work well when breeding pots, but fertilization seems to be not doing things on plants. So in the long run, I know what is watering and what is fertilizing at all. As a result of the malnutrition of the plant, there is no excess force to produce flower buds. Without flower buds, there is no way to bloom.

Excessive fertilizer fertilizer is single

Some friends forget to fertilize, and friends are too much fertilizer, especially nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer can promote the rapid growth of the branches and leaves of plants, consume most of the nutrients on the branches and leaves. With the lack of potassium and phosphate fertilizer, the plant cannot grow flower buds. Without flower buds, there is no way to bloom.

Environmental impact: temperature, light, ventilation, humidity, etc.

Before breeding plants, we must understand the habits and characteristics of the plants too much before they know what environment will grow better under what environment. Lower growth; requirements for ventilation; temperature requirements. If you are a plants that are happy, you always put it in a cool place, which will affect its health, and blooming will not be easy.

Soil effect

Most of the flowers and plants are suitable for survival in neutral soil or acidic soil. I hate to survive in the soil of saline and alkali, which will directly affect the growth of plants, so flowering will also be restricted.

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