Flowing the flowering period

Flowing the flowering period

The flowering period of fishing bells can actually be divided into two stages, one in spring and the other in summer and autumn. The flowering period of fishing bell will be from April -June, and the other is from July to October.

When the fishing bell, when flowers, they usually make a cone -like large inflorescence with small flowers on it and appear bell -shaped. The color of the fishing bells will still be rich in color. The common ones are purple, purple, and rose red, white. Blue and pink.

Precautions for fishing bell Liuhua period

During the growth of the fishing bell and the pre -flowering before and after flowering, you need to pay attention to supplementing nutrients. Timely fertilization, especially phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, can promote its flowers and blooming better. After the bell -willow blooms, you need to pay attention to the cold prevention to make it safe to overwinter. Potted bells and willow can be trimmed during the period from late September to early October, trimming it, cutting the dead branches of the upper part of the entire plant, and then burning it into the soil into the soil Safe Winter. The ground planting generally needs to cut off the part of the ground and call the freezing water for wintering.

Fishing bell willow blooms and appreciates

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