Does Jinzhi Jade Leaf Blossom?

Will it bloom?

Jinzhi jade leaves will bloom, but because of the differences in indoor maintenance environment, it is difficult to bloom. It will bloom in the origin, and the red flowers are full of branches. Of course, it will also bloom in a specific environment in my country, but the golden branches and jade leaves placed by the small vendors selling flowers may be fake flowers. They will use a special small fake flower that insert it on the branches. When watering, the petals will be opened, and they are usually closed. Don’t be blinded by such an illusion.

When will it bloom

Jinzhi Yuye is native to Africa, and the drought is sufficient, and the flowering time may only be known to the local people. But since the introduction of China, there is less flowering, and there is no fixed time.

How can it make it bloom

The easiest way to make Jinzhi jade leaves is to simulate the environment of origin.

First of all, ensure that the sun is sufficient in the summer, and the sufficient sunlight is conducive to the accumulation of plant nutrients. Do not expose it, as long as the leaves are not withered. You must know that in South Africa, such a strong sunlight, golden branches and jade leaves grow well.

In addition, the temperature difference between day and night, the temperature of the day and night is controlled above 10 ° C, which can effectively avoid nutrient consumption.

Finally, it is important to strengthen ventilation. As long as it is not low temperature, try to ensure that the golden branch and jade leaves are in an open -air environment. Do not dull and keep the air condition.