Does the speaker shape spectacular?

Not much nonsense, the graphic explanation is clearer.

Round leaf glory

Morning to morning.The blade is mutual, which is wide ovate or near circular.The blade is round, no rhombus, plant surface with white fluff.

Rift blast

Morning to morning.There is a significant three characteristics: the sepals under the flowers are lanceolate; the leaves are tricker; the whole strain has a secret short hair.


Petunia is a Baiko, because the flower is like a morning glory, but it is more than a short number, but it doesn’t have a little relationship with the morning.

Five-claw gold dragon

The five-claw golden dragon is a spun flower sweet potato gerbera, and it is more likely to be found in the past. It is the most likely to discover the plant.

The leaves of the five-claw golden dragon are palm 5 deep cracks or complete cracked, split ovate lanceolate, ovate or elliptical, large medium, and the sides are slightly smaller.

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