Farming method and precautions for eggs

Farming method of egg flower

Soil choice

The egg flower is not strict on soil, but it is necessary to choose loose, the planting effect is best, and it is slightly on the basin when planting. After you have a good place, you can see the weak light in a week, and you can put in sunshine in sunshine in half a month.

Watering water

The egg flower likes the moist environment, has certain drought resistance, fear of water. Therefore, it is moderate to water for the egg flower, and when you see it. Pouring a water in the spring and autumn season for 1 to 2 days, the water in summer increases. In the rainy day or cloudy, properly reduce watering, drain, and prevent rotten roots. Warm should keep the pelvic soil of the egg flower.

Reasonable fertilization

From January to November, it is a peak season of eggs. Every 10 days gives a decomposed liquid fertilizer, and the concentration is controlled by about 15%. Pay attention to the growth of the plants during the flowering period, fertilize the fertilization, supplement the nutrient consumed during flowering.

In addition, the plants should be moved to the vicinity of indoor south windows, pay attention to ventilation. To ensure that the indoor temperature is 10 ° C, the temperature is low, which can cause the plant to fall in advance.


The egg flower is a strong positive flower, the more sufficient sun, the more growing, and the flowers are rich. In addition to the shouting of the ball, it is necessary to put in the sun.

Farming of the egg flower

Timely change the basin

The egg flower grows rapidly, carefree grows every day. Usually, the basin is needed once a year, replacing the new pot according to the size of the plants, the basin can be 4 copies of the park, 4 parts of Horse manure and 2 parts of the river sand, and placed the right amount of base fertilizer per basin. After the ball is changed, it is necessary to pour water, moved to the toward one week.

Avoid frozen

The eggs are not cold, and it is likely to have slow winter. Be more careful in maintenance. When the temperature is lowered to 10 ° C, in time, the room is placed at sufficient sunlight, the temperature of the chamber is 10 to 15 ° C, and the radiation away from the household appliance can alleviate the leaves. Try to control the temperature above 5 ° C, so that the plants will not freeze, and the spring will sprout the long leaf.

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