Farming method

Farming method

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Spring and Summer Autumn is a heavy growth period, keep the pot soil humid; winter is a sleep period, keep the pottery slightly dry, grasp the principle of “watering drying”. Pay attention to not strengthen water in winter, it is easy to cause rotten roots.

Fertilization: Each month is fertilized every half a month, select the special fertilizer for meat, and the fertilizer is not suitable.

Illumination treatment

The heavy fan is a high-spirited plant, which can be maintained throughout, suitable for placing in a bright light.

Temperature requirements

Heavy fan is not cold, resistant to half, and drought, growing up to 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, winter is not less than 10 degrees in winter.

Breeding method

Brand: Spring binding potted balls for breeding, and dragged the intensive crowded stems from the inner. 3 to 4 strains per pot.

Cutting: Wake up in May to September, cut the folding short stem, 7 to 8 cm long, plug in sand bed, 10 to 15 days after plugging, 1 week later plants.

Change the basin

The heavy fan should be exchanged in the spring, cut off the dead leaves and long stems during the basin, and can be used in a pot of 12 to 15 cm in diameter. In the basin soil, cultivate the soil and the mixed soil of the soil and the sand, add a small amount of bone powder.


Common pest

Frequent pest sectors are chromeseworms, and there is a common disease for leaf blight. Pay attention to timely ventilation and adjustment of indoor air humidity and temperature to prevent pests of pests.

Light demand

Heavy seafood, moist and sunshine, but avoid the sun. Summer is the most suitable season, but it is also the easiest to burn the holiday season. Pay attention to the illumination of summer maintenance, can’t be placed outdoors, it can be blocked.

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