Features of spring grass

Flowing and maintenance of spring grass

The period from October to April from October to April is its strong period of growth. At this time, a thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month to provide sufficient nutrients. In spring, the stems of the flower can be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate solutions to promote flowering.

The flowering period of spring grass is from February -April. The flowers will be opened when the light is sufficient, and it will be closed in the evening. The single flower of spring grass can usually be opened for about 5 days. When rainy weather or lack of light, flowering is not easy.

Features of spring grass

The entire plant of the spring grass is actually more characteristic. In fact, we can see from its name, its leaves are like spring or kelp. This characteristic adds some mystery and beauty, and people embellish their potted plants, which is very interesting. Spring grass blooms is also very characteristic.

First of all, when the spring grass blooms, it needs to be pollinated. When pollination, you need to choose different plants for artificial pollination, which can make the plant results. After the seeds of spring grass mature, it should be harvested in time. If you do n’t need to leave seeds, you can cut the stems after the flowers to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients.

Secondly, after the spring grass blooms, the part of the ground will gradually wither. After entering the summer, the ball stems will start to sleep, and the withering part can be cut off. Put the sprout stems and flower pots in a cool place to keep the soil moist, so that the ball stems can be continuously expanded, and they can be re -germinated in autumn. At this time, it can be maintained normally.

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