Flower language and symbol of iris flower


Europeans love the iris flower, think it symbolizes bright and freedom; in our country, it is often used to symbolize love and friendship, Pengcheng Miles, and the future is in the ancient Egypt.


In France, people’s eyes were national flowers, and the king of the first dynasty of the Kingdom of France. King Klovi was given to him, God gave him a gift, that is, the iris. In France, the iris is a symbol of bright and free.

The name of this plant is from God’s messenger and the rainbow of the earth and other worlds. There is also a legend that Rainbow has saved the life of the King of Frank, and when he saw that the rainbow rose from the Rhine, he knew that the river water was enough, so he passed the river escaped the enemy’s pursuit.


The name of the moon of the iris is the meaning of the Greek “Rainbow”, which is rich in color. Generally spectators and flowers, that is, the transliteration of its name, commonly known as “Alice”.

Alice in the greek myth is a rainbow goddess. She is the messenger of the gods and everything, the main task is to bring the soul of the good people, carry back the heavens through the rainbow bridge between the world. So far, the Greeks often plant this flower in the cemetery, which is hope that the soul after the death will be able to pay Alice to the heaven, which is also the origin of the flower language – “The Messenger”.

The ancient Egypt represents “power” and “else”. Israelites generally believe that the yellow iris is the symbol of “gold”, so there is a custom of planting iris in the cemetery, that is, hope that wealth can bring wealth for the future.


The iris flower is the birth flower of January 3, its flower language: gorgeous. The ancient Greeks of the expedition of Persia, I saw this flower, I immediately emerged in my mind – Alice. Therefore, the flower language of the Persian Iris is “gorgeous”. Those who have been born in this flower blessing, versatile, with shiny, brilliant personality.

The different colors of the iris represent different symbolic meaning:


Good news, miss you, elegant heart, mission, love, enthusiasm, and strength.

White iris: pure;

Yellow Iris: Represents friendship Yonggu, warm and cheerful;

Blue iris: Appreciate the opponent’s elegance or admire; and some people think that it represents the free and broken passion in the fate, delicate and beautiful, but it is fragile and easy to die …

Purple iris: meaning love and auspicious.

Iris Alice (purple blue): good news, messenger, miss you

German iris (deep treasure blue): sacred

Little iris (Ming Yellow): Cooperate to resist, concentric

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