For 1 month when I went out, I did not water these flowers, but I didn’t expect it to be even more prosperous!

Fairy ball

The fairy ball is a well -known drought -tolerant plant, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t water it for a month or two.

Main points of maintenance:

Light: The fairy ball is happy, and there is a certain amount of yin tolerance, but if the light is too weak, it will easily lead to not flowering.

Temperature: The cold resistance of the fairy ball, the wintering temperature in winter cannot be lower than zero.

Ventilation: The fairy ball likes a good ventilation environment. If it is not ventilated, it will easily cause the ball to rot.

Wealth tree

The root system of the fortune tree is not developed, and the demand for water is less. Therefore, when the watering is too much, it is particularly easy to cause rot.

Main points of maintenance:

Light: Fortune Tree likes a semi -yin environment. It is not resistant to exposure, nor can it be too shaded. It can be placed in the living room or balcony.

Temperature: Fortune trees are not resistant to low temperatures, and winter overwintering temperatures cannot be lower than 5 degrees. When high temperature in summer, pay attention to shading.

Water: Pour water once or twice a month.


Aloe leaves contain a lot of juice, so there is not much demand for water, and water can be poured once or twice a month.

Main points of maintenance:

Light: Try to ensure sufficient light. When the light is too weak, it is easy to grow.

Soil: When planting aloe vera, be sure to choose loose and breathable soil.

Fertilizer: Use fermented organic fertilizer every month for topdressing to make aloe stronger.

money tree

Money trees are rooted and can store a lot of water, so there are not many demand for moisture.

Main points of maintenance:

Light: Money tree is highly resistant to the negative. Even if there is no light, it can grow normally, but it is best to have sufficient scattered light, which can make the branches and leaves grow more vigorously.

Moisture: Because the money tree is a tuber, the principle of watering should not be dried or poured.

Temperature: The most suitable growth temperature of the money tree is 20 to 30 degrees, and the temperature should not be less than 8 degrees during the winter.


In the category of flowers, geranium can be said to be the strongest drought tolerant, and it is possible to not water for a week or two.

Main points of maintenance:

Temperature: The most suitable growth temperature of geranium is ten to 20 degrees, too cold or too hot is not conducive to the growth of geranium.

Soil: When planting geranium, it is best to choose sandy soil.

Light: Geranium joy, be sure to ensure sufficient light during the growth period.

Desert Rose

Desert rose is native to African desert areas, so drought resistance is also quite strong.

Main points of maintenance:

Light: When maintaining desert roses, you must ensure sufficient light, so as to bloom and large.

Temperature: Because the desert rose is native to Africa, it is also quite heat -resistant, but the cold resistance is poor and must be moved to the warm room in winter.

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