The breeding method and precautions of the octagonal gold disk

Breeding method

Temperature condition

The octagonal golden plate likes a cold growth environment. The temperature is suitable for between 10-25 ° C. Generally, it is 18-20 ° C during the day. At night, it can maintain good growth indoors at 10-12 ° C. It should be noted that the lasting high temperature can easily make its leaves thinner and start to sag. The octagonal gold disk is more cold -resistant, and the temperature can be safe to overwinter when the temperature is above 7 ° C.

Light condition

The octagonal golden plate is a semi -negative plant with strong negative negative, but avoid strong light. Suitable for greenhouse cultivation, except for winter, generally shading should reach more than 60%, especially paying attention to the direct light of summer light to strengthen shading work. On the other hand, if the long -term light is insufficient, the leaves will become small. Follow the sun in winter.

Water and fertilizer

In the growth period of the octagonal golden plate, that is, from April to October, it was applied to thin liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks, and fertilization was stopped after October. Water in the high temperature season, keep the soil moist, and spray water around the leaves and surroundings with spray to improve the nearby air humidity. After October, watering should be gradually reduced to control watering.

Soil requirements

Suitable for fertile and loose soil with good drainage. Potted pot soil can be mixed with 3 parts of the park plus 1 bran ash, and then slightly a little base fertilizer.

Change the pot

During the breeding process, the pot should be changed every 1 to 2 years, and it is generally carried out in March or April. When turning the soil and changing the pot, the bottom of the pot should be placed in the base fertilizer.



The octagonal golden plates include cigarettes, leaf spots, and yellowing diseases. Most of the leaf spots are in summer. Pharmaceuticals such as methacotobujin or bacteria can be used for prevention and treatment. Yalin disease can be sprayed with leaf surface to prevent and treat it.

Insect pest

The main pests are aphids, scale insects, and red spiders. Generally, they can use quick -proof to prevent the control of the granular insects. For aphids, the aphids can be used to prevent and treat it, and the red spider is used with trichloroly.