Ginger’s main variety

Tender ginger

The first is the tender ginger. This kind of ginger, as the name suggests, is a mature ginger yet. Usually at this time, there are more water in the ginger, the internal fibers of the ginger are relatively small, and the epidermis is also very thin at the same time. Its color is slightly lighter, and the color of the top is lighter purple. At this time, ginger can be made into ginger slices, and the elderly prefer to eat.


Ginger refers to ginger after mature. At this time, the skin of ginger is relatively thick, and the taste of eating is stronger. This ginger is mostly used on stewed soup and cooking vegetables. The food made is very delicious.

Red claw ginger

This ginger is very rough, the shape is more like a claw, and the color of the ginger is red, so it is called red claw ginger. This kind of ginger has a good variety, strong growth, strong ability to adapt to the environment, and the taste is quite good. It is also good as an auxiliary material effect.

Claw ginger

Claw ginger is planted in the southern coastal provinces and cities. Its growing head is short, but the taste is more spicy, and the aroma is ranked high. It is a very good variety and is loved by the southerners.

Bamboo root ginger

Bamboo root ginger is a variety of Sichuan generations. This ginger grows very high, and the shape of ginger blocks is uneven and large. The meat is also quite good, it is a high -quality ginger.

Red bud ginger

Red bud ginger also has the characteristics of more juice and less fiber. Its growth momentum is strong, and the plant has more branches. This plant is suitable for medicinal medicine, and the weight of the root ginger reaches half a catty. It can be described as the giants of ginger.

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