Ginseng banyan breeding methods and precautions

Light demand

As far as the habits of ginseng bong are concerned, they are happy and resistant to semi -yin. Therefore, it is best to place the plant in an environment with sufficient light, followed by in the astigmatism. Of course, it also needs to be shaded when the light is explosive.

Temperature requirements

Studies have shown that the most suitable temperature for ginseng Rong during the growth period is between 18-33 degrees Celsius. Therefore, pay attention to maintaining the temperature in winter and summer. Pay attention to sun protection in summer, and pay attention to anti -freezing in winter. If the temperature is too low, the plant will wither or even die.

Watering problem

When watering, keep the pot soil slightly tide, but avoid accumulating water. In this way, the number of watering and watering must be controlled.


1. Be careful not to move the location of the plants at will, just pay attention to watering and care after the position.

2. Pay attention to environmental ventilation, especially indoor potted plants must keep air circulation to prevent plants from losing vitality.

3. Pay attention to trimming so that you can maintain a good tree shape and increase the ornamental value of ginseng banyan. The best time to trim the plant is the spring of each year.

4. Pay attention to the problem of changing pots. Don’t change the pot frequently. Generally speaking, you can change the pot once or two.

5. Pay attention to the problem of taking the pot. For the newly bought ginseng banyan potted plants, it is normal to drop the leaves due to the changes in the environment. Therefore, do not rush to the medical treatment. Wait until the plant takes the basin and then manage it normally.

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