Hong Yuxi, a woman’s heart, how to distinguish between eight thousand generations

Difference method 1: See the blade color

Group B: The blade covers a fine white powder, and the old leaves are falling behind. Small head in the bottom. Strong light and day and night temperature difference or winter low temperature leaves slowly red, the leaves are slightly pink to the dark. Weak light, leaf color or ink green, leaves long.

Rainbow jade: green green, bright skin, no white powder, turns to red brown in sunshine, small flower light red.

Eight thousand generations: green green, no white powder. The surface is brighter, and the leaf tip in the sun will become red, and the blade will remain green.

Difference method 2: Look at the length of the blade

Group B: The blade is longer.

Eight thousand generations: the blade is small, and the length is relatively stable.

Rainbow jade: The blade is the least between the three and the length is different.

Difference method 3: Plant classification

Custard: Scenic Skili Tianda’s bacon plant, native Mexican, shrub, meletria. The strain is 30 cm, and the strain is 20 cm. The leaves are born in the top of the stem, the cylindrical, light green or light gray blue, the leaf first is red, and the leaves are 3 to 4 cm. Flower, yellow, flowers in spring.

Eight thousand generations: Jing Tianke, Jing Tian’s perennial meat plants, also known as meat plants, native to Mexico, warm, dry and sunshine, plants are small shrub, 20-30 cm high, multi-branch. The blade is loosely clustered to the top of the branched top, the leaves, the cylindrical, the surface is flat, slightly bent slightly, the top is blunt, the leaves are 3-4 cm, the rough is about 0.6 cm, the leaves are green or light blue green, White powder. Under the conditions of sunshine, the leaf first is red, especially in the cool season.

Rainbow Jade: Scenic Kaikiao’s succulent plants, also known as plurality of plants, the origin of Mexico, don’t be called earrings, corn grains. Many meat herbal plants. Plant is 10-20 cm, multi-branch. Fried fleshy leaves expanded, cylindrical to oval, length 2 cm, green, bright skin, no white powder, turn to red brown, small flowers.

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