How to distinguish between rose month

Different branches

1, the moon season is slightly expanded, and there is a small amount of hook-shaped spurs on the branch;

2, roses stand upright, branches and brids;

3, rose stems dry long, branches, vine or climbing spurs.


1, the moon is small, usually 3 ~ 5 pieces, the leaves are flat, no recessed, no wrinkles;

2, the rose small leaves are 5 to 9 pieces, thick texture, leafen recess, long wrinkles, and leaves with a layer of white frost;

3, the rose small leaves are more, usually 7 ~ 9 pieces, the leaves have teeth, and the leaves are soft.


1, the moon is usually a single flower, and there are several clusters, the flowers are large, the flowers are generally over 6cm, 4 to 6 times a year, rich in color, more heavy flaps;

2, rose spending or clustered, only flowers once every 5 to August, the aroma is more than the moon, the roses, the gander is short, the flowers are about 3 cm, the flowers are more purple, there are single flaps and heavy valve;

3, rose flowers 6 ~ 7 clusters, in the flower order, born in the branches, the flowers are the same as roses, flower shapes, and color varieties, red, powder, yellow, white and equissions. Blossoms every summer.

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