How to choose South American Narcissus Ball


The high -quality South American aquarium bulb is larger, generally shape and hard, with a wide and hard characteristics. The distance of the epidermal veins is wide, the middle membrane is tight, the skin color is bright, the root plate is wide and thick, and the main ball is symmetrical.Small balls.


High -quality ball stems are bright in color and are generally dark brown.In addition, the envelope is intact and there are no traces of dryness and insect pests.


It is one of the important means of choosing the South American Narcissus Ball by pressing a pressing method.After pinching the ball stems with the thumb and index finger, press it slightly, the contour of the feel is columnar, which is relatively solid and full of elastic arrows, and the feel is relatively soft, poorly elastic.


South American narcissus is generally placed in bamboo baskets of the same specifications. There are four common packaging specifications: 20, 30, 40, and 50 bulbs per basket, that is, corresponding to 20 villages, 30 villages, 40 villages and 50 villages.That is to say, the smaller the number of villagers, the larger the individual of the South American Narcissus bulbs.