Silver Shou’s maintenance method

Silver Shou’s habit

Silver Shou likes a warm and dry environment, is more resistant to drought, and is afraid of the cold and cold winter.

The best fertility temperature of Silver Life is about 15 ° C -25 ° C, and the growth period is in the spring and autumn seasons.

Long -term lack of water will shrink the leaves; heat will stop growing; too low temperature will cause ice necrosis of the leaves of the silver life.

Silver Shou’s maintenance method

The silver life can be placed in a place where the light is bright and has no sunlight. The pot soil can be used for peat soil, and the medium with good drainage is added.For example: pearls, vermiculite, etc.

Watering when the pot soil is dry, and it should be poured through.Silver Life’s requirements for fertilizer are not high, and an appropriate amount of organic matter can be increased.

The growth of silver -lived plants in summer is slow or even stopped. It needs to be placed in ventilation and cool places to avoid rotting plants by sweltering and humidity, and avoid the accumulation of soil water.

In winter, it should be moved to a warm and bright place, and the temperature should be maintained above 12 ° C to ensure that the plants can continue to grow.