How to pour flowers in rice water

Whether the rice water can be used to pour flowers

Tao rice water can be used to pour flowers, but it cannot be poured directly with rice water. Long -term down will make the pot soil eclipse and damage the root of the plant.

Do you need to ferment rice water water water

The rice water must be fermented. After the rice water without fermentation, the rice water will be fermented naturally, and the heat generated will cause damage to the root system of the plant.

How to pour flowers in rice water

step one

Put the rice water into the container for 1-2 weeks. The fermentation process will produce odor. You can put orange peel in the container to ferment.Note that the container should not be covered too tightly to avoid bursting.

Step 2

Mix the fermented rice water with water with water, and the proportion is 1: 4. After preparing, you can pour flowers.

Tao rice water applicable flowers

After fermented, rice water can be poured with sour flowers, such as Milan and Fuso, but it is not suitable for the cippling plant as a cactus, and the iron wire fern should not be poured in rice water.

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