How to raise a bear’s paw wood


Bear paw wood is suitable for growing in a half -yin and humid environment, and should not be placed in a direct sun shot. Bear palaces are more resistant to cold. The best living temperature is 10-16 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to stay away from the high temperature environment. Otherwise, the leaves will easily wither and even cause it to survive normally. In addition, bear paw wood is suitable for growing in the soil rich in humus -rich ingredients and rich nutrients, and appropriately apply organic fertilizer to supplement nutrients in time.

Way of breeding

In spring or autumn, the bears can be reproduced with cuttings. The branches that are used for cutting wood for cuttings are placed in the humus loam soil where the semi-yin are used to avoid direct sunlight. The temperature is best to maintain about 18-25 degrees Celsius, and organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer Essence During its growth, it can be appropriately topped or trimmed to promote its branches, which can improve the breeding survival rate and allow it to grow and grow as soon as possible.

Pest control

Bear palaces are easily attacked by aphids and red spiders during growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to observe regularly and prevent pest control. Once they are found to be insects, spray pest extinguishing drugs at the leaves in time, such as aphid mites, mites such as mites, etc. to avoid pests raging and large -scale harm to the normal survival of the bears.

In short, the maintenance method of bear paww wood is relatively simple. As long as the growth habits of bear’s paw wood are mastered, and the proper way to reproduce it, so that it can avoid the invasion of pests. Essence I hope that this article can help friends who want to raise bear pawns, let the bears grow healthy growth, and add green to everyone’s life ~