How to raise cosmos

Farming method


Cosmos is robust, happy, and can make short-term maintenance. It should be noted that cosmos is not strict on soil, if it is transplanted in the soil, the light is not strong, and the plants are very easy to speak.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Cosmos, water, watering for 2-3 times in drought, water in 1-2 days on weekdays. But to avoid the potted water.

Fertilization: If it is planted in the upper basin, it is no need to fertilize it, if the soil is too fat, the branches are long, and the flowering is reduced. Alternatively, a rotting uricole is administered once every 10 days of growth during growth.

Reproductive way

Sowing: Cosmos is sown in 3-4 months. When the seedlings are 4 ~ 5 pieces of real leaf, they are transplanted, and they can also live in the post-second seedlings.

Cutting: Summer uses the tender cutting cutting, the survival rate is high. In May, the thick top branch can be selected, cut a piece of insertion of 8 cm to 10 cm long, inserted into a flower pot with 3 strains to 5 strains, basin is buried in the soil, exposing the ground 4 cm to 5 cm, watering is covered, and it is rooted after half a month. Every 15 days after rooting, 1 time, and then pick it up to 15 cm and then pick up more branches. If the fertilizer is controlled, it can be seen around 45 days.



The cosmos plant is high, it is easy to sway, but it is also easy to be broken by the wind.

Want to cultivate a small, cosmos that will not fall down, should postpone the seed period until July, or after the spring is sowing, then the plants are taken away from 40-50 cm, let the axillary buds.

Anti-induced pest

The main disease of cosmos has leaf spot, white powder, can be sprayed with 50% Tibbled wettable powder 500 times solution.

Persi’s attention to the pests, aphids, etc., can be killed with 10% insect milk 2500 times. Red spider hazard occurs when hot, should be prevented as early as possible.

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