How to raise potted strawberries


The potted strawberry first should choose fertile, drained well soil, and add decomposed chicken manure or bean cake to make a base fertilizer. The new plants were carried out in late September to mid-October. At this time, the temperature is suitable, and it can be recovered quickly after the new pot. When planting, the soil is planted, and the seedling core is flattened from the surface of the soil. If it is planted, the buried seedling is easy to cause seedlings to rot; if it is too shallow, the new stem is exposed, and it is easy to dry. The old strains of the fruit, but also before the autumn new roots, adding nutrient soil in the basin, and excessive stolons, can take a portion of the pot.


Strawberry is high, potting should be placed in a place with sunshine, otherwise the plant grows vigorously and less flowering.


The fat is sufficient, it can spend more fruit, less invalid. The flower pot must be placed in a ventilated sun, and the basin often keeps moist.


Four-season strawberries have many time flowers for more than 1 year, and nutrient consumption is more, and nutrient supplements should be strengthened. After the early spring strawberry, the liquid fertilizer is applied every 10 days, and it is necessary to work hard before flowering, and keep the soil moist.


Generally, the potted strawberry requires 20-25 ° C, and the winter temperature is maintained above 15 ° C.

Plastic surgery

The growth season should be removed from the dead leaves, sick leaves and thin side buds, and should be cleaned up in time for unwanted stolons and seedlings.


Based on the stalks, there are more fruits after summer fruit. Surprisingly, strawberry long stalks extended to the distance, with a few pieces of small and more rooted millet, cutting this “births” small strawberries with the mother straw, which is one New strawberry. Planting in the garden floor or in the flower pot soil, in advance, then pour enough water, put it in the Yin for a few days. The resurgeon is extremely high, and the multi-propagation coefficient is as high as 10 times, and the breeding is rapid.

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