How to raise the loose in the Qianyoda

Domestic method


Chiyoda’s loose nature of Mexico, warm and sunshine sufficient environment, can be maintained throughout.When the light conditions are good, the blades will also change the color, and the green is light red, with a powder, bright.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Watering once a month in the Spring and Autumn Season, water is watering in winter, keeping drying in the basin.Summer avoids the potted water to prevent rotten roots.

Fertilization: Fertilizes once a month in the growth period, use diluted pieces of fertilizer or special fertilizer with potted flowers.Shine fertilizer is good.Winter is placed in the sun’s plenty of winter.


The temperature in the Qianyoda is 18-25 ° C, no cold, winter temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius.

Reproductive way

Children’s loose can be propagated by sowing and cutting.Sowing is carried out in spring, and the spring in the spring can be carried out.


Chiyoda is not happy, the wet environment, the whole summer is generally high, the rainy season is almost summer, often causes the environment that is not conducive to Qianfa.

Pay attention to ventilation in summer, properly shade, prevent exposure and rain.

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